National Science Day!


For best or worse we are living in a technological world.

Various technologies spread a candle of light in our day to day life. Life becomes easier but at the same time technology limits our brain process and analysis.
Almost all people seems to be fascinated by the eruption of technological advancements in the educational field.

Technology is easily accessible besides this it also removed time and space limitations. It also helps in easily grasping of content and information in a shorter span of time. The importance of technology in schools cannot be ignored. In fact, with the onset of computers in education, it has become easier for teachers to impart knowledge and for students to acquire it. The use of technology has made the process of teaching and learning all the more enjoyable.
Technology is a powerful tool that can support and transform education in many ways, from making it easier for teachers to create instructional materials to enabling new ways for people to learn and work together.

But on the other hand children sometimes overuse technology which obviously affects the learning process in a negative way. Plagiarism and cheating have increased while analysis, memory recall and critical thinking have declined. This puts young generation into Jeopardy.

Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. It will not replace good teachers but technology in the hands of good teachers can be transformational.

So keep it in mind🙂

Dont be a machine.

Have a nice day!

Dr Srushti

Fingerprints can also detect Mouth Criminals!

Hello Friends!

Today I am here with an interesting topic. It will add a pinch of information in your knowledge. Hope you like it guys.

So as we all knew that our fingerprint has a unique pattern. It helps to detect a person, criminal etc.

But do you know our FINGERPRINTS can also help to detect our oral health?

Yes! Our fingerprint which is also known as Dermatoglyphs helps in detecting oral diseases.

There are mainly 3 types of patterns of our finger print, 1. Arch 2. Loop and 3. Whorl.

PERIODONTITIS is one of the common disease of oral cavity. It is simply a disease of Gums in which there may be a destruction of a jaw bone.

So we can detect this gum disease with the help of Dermatoglyphics.

Many studies have done to detect the fingerprints pattern and its relation to the periodontitis. This helps in early detection and thus prevention of the disease.

Mainly an individual with WHORL PATTERN showed possibility of Chronic Periodontitis while Loop pattern was absent in a patients with Peridontitis.

Fingerprints are genetic matter and it remains as it is from birth till death.

So not only to identify the criminals in our society, our Fingerprints can also help in detecting many Criminals of Oral health nothing but our oral diseases.

Some studies also proved that Dermatoglyphics can also related to tooth caries.

So guys getting bored at home? Then let’s check your hand and stand in front of mirror with a smile 😁😉 and try to evaluate it.

I hope you all enjoy reading this information.

Have a nice day😊

Take care, be happy and healthy.

Dr Srushti


Hello friends!

We all knew that how Atrocious this year is for each and every one. But we have to cope up with all this shits and we are learning and have to learn how to deal with all this awful things.

So be VICTORIOUS always.
Make a Victory on Neagative thoughts which are always ready to rush into our mind.

Make a Victory on Selfsihness, be always helpfull.

Make a Victory against against Jealousy, don’t react instead be continue with your hard work.

Make a Victory with your own things. Be passionate and be honest,everything will definitely going to be alright one day.

Everyone is dealing with their own struggle in their path so be VICTORIOUS, be strong and win your battle. No one , nothing will going to stop you to reach your destination .

Happy Dassehra and Happy Vijayadashmi.

Have a nice day😊

Dr. Srushti

Keep Learning, Keep Rising

Hello Friends!

So today is WORLD STUDENTS DAY. and as we know it is celebrated on birth anniversary of a great person A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM sir.

So what Student means? The one who is achieving many degrees; learning any kind of diploma or one who has joint an institution?

The answer is NO!

It is said that EVERYONE IS A STUDENT FOR LIFETIME. There is no any specific age limit to learn new things , to do innovative work.


So Education is a basic need and most important thing for each and everyone, no doubt in that but it never means that let’s learn, educate ;achieve degree and earn money. Is this list is sufficient?

So what is true education?

My dear people let’s teach your child some kindness ,some selflessness, some care , simply teach them HUMANITY.

The word student is not limited only for education and career aspects. Every one among us is a student. But the thing is we are forgetting to learn the important things in our life and for our life too.

Everyone is on their way to achieve goals in career ;to complete the particular target but now a days no one is bother about humanity. No one is teaching their children how to behave with others. Every parents are in a race to ran their children like a horse.

Guys want to say that please try to take out some time to serve others. Be kind with others. There are so many people who really need you.

In our life the concepts of loss and profit is exactly opposite of business. Here one who give to other will always be in profit.

So BE A STUDENT. Learn to help;learn to be kind; learn to be honest; learn to be selfless; learn to live for other, learn to be caring; learn to make others happy.

Trust me guys it will help you for a lifetime. It is a kind of an investment,the fruit of which will definately touches your feet.

So Learn these valuable things by being student for a lifetime.

Have a happy,healthy and nice day😊

Dr. Srushti



Hello friends!

How are you all? Hope you all are happy,healthy and living new normal very positively by being negative for corona😉

Banana is called a happy food as it is a stress relieving fruit as it contain happy hormone called CORTISOL. It is a natural cure for stress and anxiety.

Banana also helps us to digest food, it helps to cure constipation, it gives us energy and good heart beat.

There are many such benifits of a Banana but Do you know it also helps you to QUIT SMOKING HABIT?

Yes! This banana contain VITAMIN B and MAGNESIUM which helps us to quit smoking.

When someone is trying to quit smoking then naturally he will feel stressed , mood will change, headache will be there so banana helps to reduce the nicotine withdrawal stress.

One who is trying to quit smoking can add a banana in diet, it will help you to get rid of physical as well as psychological smoking withdrawal symptoms .


For more information about cancer,keep smoking.

So eat BANANAS and make your lungs healthy by quitting smoking.




Have a nice,happy and smokeless healthy day😊

Dr. Srushti

Vitamin D and OBESITY

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Hello my dear friends!

So today I am here with the relation between Vitamin D and Obesity.

We ate food for growth and development. We get energy by fueling ourself. There are mostly 2 possibilities which happened when we have our food:

2. It get converts into energy so as growth.

1 . It may convert into FAT.

So my dear readers it is in our hand that where we want and need to allow our food to go. It is said that we will become what we eat. And it is quite true.

Vitamin D helps our body towards growth but deficiency of this vitamin may causes fat an lipids saturation on our tissue.

Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with high Triglycerides and cholesterol level and if this substances get accumulated in our body then there will be a chances of metabolic imbalance and ultimately this will turn into unwanted diseases and obesity.

How you know that there is a deficiency of VITAMIN D ?

1. Feeling low : you will feel low as your energy will not sufficient.

2. Fatigue

3. Anxiety

4. Hair loss

5. Frequently you will fall sick.


Best way to get vitamin D is SUNLIGHT. Take atleast 15 to 20 minutes of a walk in early sunrays.

Other sources are : Fish ,Egg yolk, Milk ,Soya food , Masrooms, Fish. Beef,fish liver oil , Cod liver oil and if needed then take vitamin D supplements.

So take care friends.

Nurture your health by marking all these small things.

Have a nice , happy and healthy day😀

Dr. Srushti

Perfect Precautions but still affected by CORONA. Why?


Hello friends!

Many doctors are affecting by corona even after wearing proper PPE kit and taking safety measures.

And in this pandemic, we are also living new normal. We are taking tremendous precautions. We are wearing mask. We are washing our hands and we are following all rules such as social distancing and all but still some of us are suffering from COVID-19.


There are so many small things which we are not realizing about.

1. Are you removing your mask before removing your T shirt?

2. Are you keeping your change (money) in same pocket or wallet?

If YES then you are welcoming a CORONA in your house.

So guys please keep in mind that remove your clothes first then and then only remove your mask at the end.

By chance when we come in contact with virus and after coming home we usually remove our mask first but my dear people this is where we are doing great mistake. See what happen, when we remove our clothes mostly T – SHIRT, then it comes in contact with our nose ,mouth and eyes too. This is most critical moment when CORONA can happily get introduced into our body. So as a precautionary measure, as we came home go straight into washroom wash your hands , remove all the clothes and at the end you have to remove your mask.

Next thing is,nowadays everywhere there is digitalization. Online payment is on demand and it is good but if you are buying some stuff in cash then you have to make separate wallet for change which you have taken from the seller. Notes are second most risky thing which can spread corona .

So guys marked these small but important things and please keep it in mind.

Your health is always is in your hand.

SPECIAL NOTE : Discard your mask after cutting it into 2 pieces so that it cannot be reused by anyone.

STAY HOME STAY HAPPY but going out then do not make your life RISKY.

Have a nice day🙂

Dr. Srushti

More O2 inside,More Smile outside.

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Hello Friends!

When we heard or read a word OXYGEN, we realizes our existence because no one of us and many creatures on this earth can survive without this O2. It plays very critical role in our respiration.

Oxygen work as a fuel for our body cells to produce energy. And during this critical period of COVID-19 Pandemic we all are very well aware about importance of this Oxygen in our body.

Oxygen is so important not only because of this Corona Virus but in our day to day life also.

Normal Oxygen level should be between 95 to 100 percent. If our oxygen level gets reduced then we may experienced following causes :

1. Shortness of breath (common cause of corona)

2. Headache


4. Chest pain

5. Confusion


7.Muscle pain

8.Loss of Coordination

9.Visual disorders

We will suffer from all these things if there is reduction of oxygen level into our body.

But nothing to worry, we can increase our O2 level by ourself. There are so many things, which can improve our oxygen level.

1. Fresh air : open your window, house should be well ventilated to inhale good amount of oxygen.

2.Drink more water : Our Lungs need to be hydrated to exhale more carbon dioxide and get more oxygen inside.

3. Eat Iron rich food : Hemoglobin in our blood needs iron because it Carries oxygen throughout our body. So if your body doesn’t have sufficient blood and iron then your body will not get enough oxygen.

4. Breathing exercises: Various breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing can help to inhale more oxygen in our body.

5. Green plants : plant more plants in your balcony , courtyard and around your house.

Our health is in our hand. Good health can be gained by eating light , breathing deep and cultivating happiness.

So let’s more and more your Oxygen go Inside so that you can smile more and more outside.

Have a Happy ,Healthy and nice day😊

Stay home,stay healthy.

Dr. Srushti