More O2 inside,More Smile outside.

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Hello Friends!

When we heard or read a word OXYGEN, we realizes our existence because no one of us and many creatures on this earth can survive without this O2. It plays very critical role in our respiration.

Oxygen work as a fuel for our body cells to produce energy. And during this critical period of COVID-19 Pandemic we all are very well aware about importance of this Oxygen in our body.

Oxygen is so important not only because of this Corona Virus but in our day to day life also.

Normal Oxygen level should be between 95 to 100 percent. If our oxygen level gets reduced then we may experienced following causes :

1. Shortness of breath (common cause of corona)

2. Headache


4. Chest pain

5. Confusion


7.Muscle pain

8.Loss of Coordination

9.Visual disorders

We will suffer from all these things if there is reduction of oxygen level into our body.

But nothing to worry, we can increase our O2 level by ourself. There are so many things, which can improve our oxygen level.

1. Fresh air : open your window, house should be well ventilated to inhale good amount of oxygen.

2.Drink more water : Our Lungs need to be hydrated to exhale more carbon dioxide and get more oxygen inside.

3. Eat Iron rich food : Hemoglobin in our blood needs iron because it Carries oxygen throughout our body. So if your body doesn’t have sufficient blood and iron then your body will not get enough oxygen.

4. Breathing exercises: Various breathing exercises such as alternate nostril breathing can help to inhale more oxygen in our body.

5. Green plants : plant more plants in your balcony , courtyard and around your house.

Our health is in our hand. Good health can be gained by eating light , breathing deep and cultivating happiness.

So let’s more and more your Oxygen go Inside so that you can smile more and more outside.

Have a Happy ,Healthy and nice day๐Ÿ˜Š

Stay home,stay healthy.

Dr. Srushti

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